TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit

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  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
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  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit
  • TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit

The all-new TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit has been designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of professional trainers. Optimized for commercial durability and safety, the TRX PRO Kit features the strongest Suspension Trainer they’ve ever built.

Product Details

The TRX PRO Kit includes a Suspension Trainer with updated features and a full range of anchoring options, a trainer specific instructional video and workout cards to help your business and your clients get results. The TRX PRO Kit will be the strongest, safest, and most durable tool in your training toolbox.

The New TRX PRO Suspension Trainer comes standard with: 

Ergonomic and Durable Rubber Handles - Easy to clean and have a textured, anti-slip design to increase grip and safety during sweaty workouts. 

Theft-Resistant Locking Carabiner - Corrosion resistant, pin lock security to guarantee that your Suspension Trainer will stay put right where you anchor it. 

Revolutionary Low Profile Adjusters - Revolutionary low profile steel slide mechanisms for improved comfort and easy adjustment. 

Ultra-Durable Dupont Kevlar at High Wear Points - Guarantees high performance, session after session, class after class. 

Trainer Basics Video

  • Master-level training session by the TRX Head of Human Performance.
  • Expert instruction on more than 35 exercise variations.
  • Learn to progress or modify key movements.
  • Identify and correct common faults.
  • Bonus moves for advanced strength and flexibility training.

Full Range of Anchoring Solutions

  • TRX Door Anchor: Train your clients at home on any sturdy door.
  • TRX Xtender: Lock your Suspension Trainer or anchor to high or oversized anchor points.
  • TRX Suspension Anchor: Train your clients outside when you set up your Suspension Trainer, anywhere.

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This Product Contains:

  • The New TRX PRO Suspension Trainer
  • Trainer Basics Video
  • Personalized access to My Locker
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX Xtender
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag
  • Get Started Guide
  • Door Placard
  • TRX Wrench (2.5mm)
  • TRX PRO Wristband



1.6 lbs / 0.7 Kg - light weight for the perfect combination of portability and strength

Anchoring Options

Door Anchor, Suspension Anchor and Xtender strap for any training environment


Designed to support over 6kN = over 1400lbs (600kg) of force. Corrosion resistant and pin lock security.

TRX Wrench


Equalizer Loop

Ultra-durable Dupont® Kevlar® for extended wear and a self-leveling feature that provides variable feedback on loading

Locking Loop

Reinforced industrial Polyester with a built-in slip guard providing functional boundaries to range of motion and increased resistance


Barrel Lock adjusters with a revolutionary low profile steel slide mechanism for improved comfort and easy adjustment

Foot Cradles

Neoprene padding for comfort


Commercial-grade, ergonomic rubber handles designed for durability, ease of cleaning and improved grip during sweaty workouts


Mesh carry bag, portable and easy to store


Expert instruction in more than 35 exercise variations and bonus moves for advanced strength and flexibility training. Learn how to progress and modify key movements, and identify and correct common faults. Kit includes 5 pre-made workout cards.

Downloadable Material                                                   

Trainer Basics video

Workouts on DVD


Mobile App



1 year of high volume use






TRX® Limited Warranty for Suspension Trainer Devices Intended Solely for Personal, Family, or Household Purposes What Does This Limited Warranty Cover? This limited warranty covers defects in manufacture and materials in your new and genuine TRX® Suspension Trainer™ exercise products purchased through Fitness Anywhere LLC (“TRX”) or an authorized re-seller. This limited warranty applies to products intended solely for personal, family, or household purposes. Who Does the Limited Warranty Cover & How Long Does The Coverage Last? This limited warranty covers the original purchaser only and lasts for one year (“Warranty Period”), beginning from the purchase date.

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