Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Hand Strengthening Balls

Simple and effective, our non-toxic, clean smelling Spirit TCR Hand Strengthening Balls have everything you are looking for in a Hand Therapy product. Work your way through 3 stages of recovery and improvement starting with the Teal (Light Resistance) through to the Lavender (Medium Resistance) and all the way to the Silver (Heavy Resistance) so you can feel and see your accomplishment. Not only will this mean stronger hands, wrists, fingers, thumbs and forearms but it will also mean amplified circulation and stamina. On top of this, (we can’t help but keep loading up the benefits) you will achieve enhanced dexterity, reduced stiffness in fingers and thumbs, diminished joint pain, eliminated muscle pain and improved stress levels. Wow! All this in 3 non-toxic, eco-friendly Hand Strengthening Balls.

Keep the packaging and use to store away so the balls do not pick up dirt or soft materials. These balls will last forever this way. Improve your hands, wrists, fingers, thumbs and forearms today.

Product Benefits

  • Progressive Rehab Kit for Forearms, Wrists, Hands and Fingers
  • Provides Increased Dexterity
  • Dramatic Improvement in Overall Hand Flexibility


Product Features

  • 3 Levels To Enable Clear Improvement
  • Non Toxic Balls
  • Durable and Premium Design