Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Hand Grip Strengthener

Build forearm strength, improve the function of your wrist and get the hand grip strength of a gladiator. Spirit TCR brings you the most versatile Hand Grip Strengthener on the market. Adjustable from 22lbs all the way up to 88lbs, there is a huge range of improvement available with this device.

Perfect for rehab, strength training, flexibility and increased overall function of your lower arm. This tool can be used anywhere and is effective for musicians, rock climbers, carpenters, teachers, massage therapists, golfers, tennis player and any so much more. If you have a condition that requires increased blood flow, improved circulation, greater dexterity or more activity then the Spirit TCR Hand Grip Strengthener will work for you.

Easy to take anywhere with you and designed with everyone in mind, this is a very handy product.

Product Benefits

  • Adjustable For All Skill Levels
  • Measure Increase In Strength Over Time
  • Comfort Grip To Maximize Results


Product Features

  • Silent And Sturdy
  • Increases Strength And Function Of Fingers, Forearms, Hands And Wrists
  • Great For All Athletes And Anyone Suffering From Issues With The Lower Arm And Hands