Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Bodyweight Gym Elite

The Bodyweight Trainer Elite brings the best in versatile fitness training right to you. Constructed with only the best materials, designed to give you the best you can get, this is the ultimate in bodyweight training.

Take with you anywhere, whether you are at home, on the road or even going to the park. Not only is the Bodyweight Trainer Elite easy to assemble, it also gives you multiple vantage points. Whether you want the straps together or apart, narrow or wide it is up to you and allows for true flexibility in your training.

Perfect for use in the gym, clinic or anywhere you have a door, beam or bar. Spirit TCR bring the best in bodyweight training straight to you. The Bodyweight Gym Elite is so good you can even have 2 people use it at once, making it a must have multi-dimensional piece of equipment.

Get a total body workout including cardio with the best there is on the market. Comfort handles and easy to use foot cradles that actually hold your feet in place, you will achieve the results you desire fast.


Product Benefits

  • Ultimate Bodyweight Training Device
  • Integrates Most Cutting Edge Technology To Allow The Greatest Variety On The Market
  • Perfect Total Body Workout


Product Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Made With Comfort Grip Handles and Foot Cradles
  • Highest Quality Webbing And Materials Means Equipment Will Last A Long Time