Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Advanced Ab Wheel with Brake

Looking for the next level up of Ab Wheels? Spirit TCR's Advanced Ab Wheel with Brake takes you there and does not disappoint. Perfectly sized so you can improve all areas of your core. Ideal to work upper, lower, transverse and oblique areas of your abdomen for the ultimate core. The additional brake function and layered construction means the wheel is durable to a fault and functional to another level.

The brake functions allows a slower or multi staged option to all exercises. Feel the deeper burn, hit multiple areas of your abs all at once, have a complete and efficient ab workout. These are just the start of what the Advanced Ab Wheel with Brake brings to your workout. Add the extra comfort hand grips and you can see instant improvement with your core strength.

Spirit TCR keep you beach ready all through the year, even if you live in the cold for half of it! Time to get to work and make the most out of such an effective core trainer.


Product Benefits

  • Allows for Complete Abdominal Workout
  • Smooth Roll Enables and Activates All Areas of the Core
  • Brake to Enhance and Vary Training


Product Features

  • Premium Design and Materials
  • Double Welded Non Skid Wheels For Extra Safety and Efficiency
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Grips