Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Adjustable Jump Rope

Get ready to burn calories and melt away fat with the Spirit TCR Adjustable Jump Rope. Super easy to adjust for all users and gets results fast. Nimble, smooth rope made out of phthalate free PVC means the most efficient workout possible. Learn new tricks such as crossovers, boxer swings, double jump, single leg, high knee and so much more. Even invent your own moves if you are capable!

A jump rope is must have in anyone's fitness assortment. None come better than the Spirit TCR Adjustable Jump Rope, built with everyone in mind and it only takes 10 seconds to adjust the length in the handles. Spirit TCR continue to be a leader in jump rope workouts and products, this can be seen easily in the state of the art Adjustable Jump Rope model. Improvements will be easy to see and enjoyed while they are being made.


Product Benefits

  • Portable Total Cardio Workout
  • Burn Over A Thousand Calories with Easy Access Training
  • Improves Coordination, Stamina and Speed


Product Features

  • Adjustable Rope
  • Comfort Handles for Extended Use
  • Multi Level Rope For Adjustable Speeds and Skill Level