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Octane ZR8000 Smart Zero Runner

The treadmill has been transformed

The Zero Runner offers the same great workout, but without the pain of repeated impact.  Enabling virtually anyone to walk, jog or run safely and comfortably, the ZR8000 offers state-of-the-art design that replicates an exerciser’s natural form but eliminates the stressful impact.

Built with cutting-edge innovation, and without a belt, deck or cord, the ZR8000 revolutionizes cardiovascular workouts and enables exercisers to maximize workout effectiveness while minimizing discomfort. Users can choose from 15 resistance levels and 11 workout programs to personalize intensity and stimulate better results.

  • 10” glass capacitive touch screen
  • Workout Boosters and CROSS CiRCUIT® video coaching
  • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
  • Zero-Impact Running™
  • Wi-Fi enabled – Web browsing, video streaming and web applications
  • 3-speed console fan
  • USB port (charging capabilities)
  • 15 resistance levels and 11 workout programs
  • Quiet operation
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – ANT+ and Polar®
  • Digital contact heart rate on stationary handlebar


Dual Stride Trace Technology

The smart console features valuable technology that independently traces your left and right stride and displays it on the console. This allows you to monitor and correct running imbalances so that you're more efficient both inside on the Zero Runner and outside on the road.

The dual stride trace makes it easy to see activation of the glutes and hamstrings by the height of the heel kick, so runners can focus on getting the best workout that fully engages these important muscle groups.


Stay entertained and motivated throughout workouts, and boost adherence and results, with a variety of integrated entertainment options. The smart console fully equips you to select from several popular options, including Internet surfing, web video streaming and web applications. With these interactive choices, you can banish boredom and stay fueled throughout your workout.





zr8000-smartertraining.jpgRun smarter. Train smarter.

The ZR8000 delivers all the benefits of a treadmill…but better. The ZR8000 combines the best of a treadmill and an elliptical for standout workouts that replicate real running.




zr8000-running-motion.jpgReal running motion

Designed to accommodate everyone from experienced runners to beginning exercisers, the ZR8000 incorporates aircraft-grade aluminum legs with lightweight pedals and independent hip and knee joints to customize natural running motion based on user preference.

A broad resistance range of 15 levels creates a heavier workload for various challenges, like hill repeats, and contoured handles feature multiple hand positions for an optimal upright posture. Exercisers can start with a walk and seamlessly transition to a jog or full-out run or sprint up to a 58” stride length.

zr8000-crosscircuit.jpgCross training made easy

Strength and flexibility training for exercisers is simple with CROSS CiRCUIT®, which combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength and stretching exercises off the machine to address weak links, correct muscular imbalances, build overall strength, boost flexibility and improve core power.

Based on specified individual goals, the ZR8000 provides customized regimens to maximize results, and video demonstrations and coaching help ensure proper exercise execution (Smart console only).

This delivers running-specific – but impact-free – training, combined with valuable strength and stretching moves that maximize stamina, help preserve form and create more balanced strength.


zerovtreadmill2016.jpgWhy You Should Replace Your Treadmill with a Zero Runner

Treadmills don't eliminate joint stress, and each step results in significant pressure on the body. Plus, your form on a treadmill is different than outside because you must adjust due to the moving belt.

The Zero Runner removes the weight on your joints so you can get your walk, jog or run in but without the impact. And, on the Zero Runner, your form is truer to what you do outside.

Stay as strong throughout your workout with the Zero Runner.

zerorunner-vs-traditional-cardio.jpgZero Runner vs Traditional Cardio Options

The video shows how the stride on the Zero Runner matches the runners stride on a treadmill.

Zero Runner also has a much larger range of motion compared to a traditional elliptical machine.





zr8000-crosscircuit-exercise.jpgBe a Healthy Runner

Runners like to run. A lot. And sometimes that’s all they want to do, which can cause an injury and sideline them – resulting in bad news for race preparation. But cross training helps strengthen the entire body for greater fitness and better overall balance.

CROSS CiRCUIT makes cross training simple. It combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training or stretching exercises next to the machine for exceptional effectiveness and efficiency. Runners still get to enjoy their runs – but now complement them with valuable strength and stretching work to address weak links, build the core and attend to the upper body. Not only is cross training good for you now, but can ultimately extend your running career.


zr8000-crosscircuit.jpgHolistic Approach to Running

Exclusively running is a thing of the past. Now, smart athletes, including professional marathoners, attest to the power of cross training to improve their race times and recovery.

With CROSS CiRCUIT on the Zero Runner, you can help minimize overuse injuries by strengthening the entire body and incorporating different exercises, such as lateral training, plyometrics, core moves, stretching and upper-body work.

Take on your weaker links and watch your performance soar.


zr8000-crosscircuit-exercise-2.jpgIt's SIMPLE

With CROSS CiRCUIT, the work is already done for you, so there’s no need to research different exercises and slog through developing a new routine every few weeks. The Smart console includes multiple pre-designed workouts available on demand, including Total-Body Blast, Lower-Body Blast, Upper-Body Blast and Core, so individuals can select routines based on their goals.

Even better, on-screen videos show demonstrations of and coaching for hundreds of strength exercises to help ensure proper form and execution. Users can focus on target areas and capitalize on variety and instruction.

While working on your running muscles is definitely beneficial, one advantage of CROSS CiRCUIT is that it requires you to hit other muscles as well, such as the core and upper body, that can help you power through tough races.

zr8000-cckit.jpgCROSS CiRCUIT Pro

The CROSS CiRCUIT Pro accessory kit makes it simple to implement these intense workouts on the Zero Runner. The kit consists of two PowerBlock dumbbells, which each are easily adjustable from 4 to 32 pounds, along with an integrated weight stand on the machine to store weights conveniently.

Adding this simple CROSS CiRCUIT Pro kit infinitely multiplies exercise variety and creates a compact, total-body cardio and strength exercise station in one compact machine.




zr8000-cckit.jpg acc-polar-heart-rate-strap.jpg

Zero Runner CROSS CiRCUIT Pro

Polar Chest Strap

Take the CROSS CiRCUIT experience to the next level of intensity for maximum caloric burn with the CROSS CiRCUIT Pro kit. Use PowerBlock adjustable weights to maximize results with a fun, effective workout routine that will changes the way you think about exercising.

CROSS CiRCUIT kit includes:

  • Mounted weight stands
  • 32lb. adjustable PowerBlock weights


Note: CROSS CiRCUIT Pro kit is only compatible with ZR8000 and ZR7000 models of the Zero Runner.

Get more out of your workout when you use a Polar non-coded chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring. Polar chest strap gives real-time readout of heart rate and allows for more accurate calorie burn tracking. Must use Polar non-coded chest strap with Octane Fitness ellipticals.

Adjustable chest strap sizes:

  • Medium – 25 to 54 inches
  • Large – 33 to 63 inches


Note: Wireless heart rate monitoring is only available on xi, ci, ce, and e model consumer consoles, ZR8 and ZR7 Zero Runners and all commercial grade products.

$998.00 $60.00






Warranty Information


Lifetime - Frame 5 Years - Parts 1 Year - Labor