Hyperwear Sizing



Height Range
(ft, in)
5'-5'4" 5'4"-5'9" 5'9"-6'4" 6'4"+
Weight Range
90-130 130-170 170-210 210+
Max Weight 
Capacity (lbs)
20 23 33 42


  • When choosing a vest size, you need to take into account both your height and weight
  • First find your Height Range, then compare Weight Range 
  • Height: the end of the vest should fall around the navel or slightly below
  • Weight: whether your weight is distributed more in the abdomen, chest & shoulders or evenly will be important    
  • Each vest size comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs of high-density steel weights, each weighting 2.25oz
  • Each weight pocket can hold two weights and weights can be arranged across pockets to change weight distribution
  • The maximum weight capacity is different for each size of vest when fully loaded - please see chart above for max capacity of each size