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5 Ways to Bullet-Proof Your Body From Injury

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Do you have aches and pains that cause you to dread the activities you used to love? Do you feel awkward and out of balance when running or working out, but can't put a finger on what's wrong?

Many people have imbalances or injuries that prevent them from reaching their full potential in their fitness and in turn, their lives.

Maintaining flexibility and balance is CRUCIAL when planning a fitness regime. These 5 machines at Precor Home Fitness will help you offset the damage done after doing a lot of weight bearing activities such as running.

#1 Helix Lateral Trainer: This machine activates glutes, hips and core like no other! You are pushing in a side-to-side motion (think skiing). Not to mention the off-the-chart cardio workout you get simultaneously. This is my new favorite workout and takes about 15-20 minutes max! 

#2 Precor Stretch Trainer: Stretching never felt so goooood. The Precor stretch trainer allows for you to stretch your lower back, hamstrings, quads, glutes, etc. in a unique way using your own body weight as leverage. The lower back stretch alone is a game-changer.

#3 Elliptical: All the cardio, none of the pounding on your joints! Ellipticals allow for maximum calorie-burn with minimum impact. To stay engaged and prevent boredom, try an interval workout (i.e. 2 min hard, 1 min easy for 40 minutes). An hour on the elliptical will have you sweating, strengthening and feeling like a million bucks after.

#4 PowerPlate: Vibration plates have been scientifically proven to benefit athletes in their recovery and flexibility. PowerPlate increases blood flow, fires up metabolism and can even be used as a massage tool for tight or sore areas. Talk about an all-in-one machine! 

#5 Waterrower: No machine uses more different muscles during a workout than a waterrower. Resistance is based on your own pull, so you create your own intensity. The soothing sound of water (just like a real rowboat) relaxes you as you burn calories and gain strength!

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